National Day of Action


Today, June 17, the Arts sector has collectively declared to be a National Day of Action in response to cuts to the Arts in Australia - including cuts to the Australia Council, the lack of a Coalition Arts policy and the exclusion of the Arts in the government's 'innovation agenda'. 

We were a bit slow to come to the party, but we have had a great time seeing what's happening around the nation via the hashtags #IStandWithTheArts and #AusVotesArts.  

Apparently after the curtain call of every theatre performance between now and the election we, the audience, will be addressed by performers about the situation of the arts industry in Australia. This includes the 'big' kids in school such as the Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir and Bell Shakespeare (we might see if our local theatre groups are joining in the campaign!?) They also intend to distribute #IStandWithTheArts cards addressed to local MPs for the audiences to sign. 

Don't forget to sign the petition !