Anthony Buselli

Anthony Buselli has been painting and exhibiting regularly for close to 20 years, showing in galleries such as Brian Moore, Artsite and Stella Downer. He has been a finalist in the Wynne Prize and the Salon de Refusee, and won the Willoughby Art Prize, the Jenny Birt Award, the Chroma Australia Painting Prize and the Alfred Altschuler Memorial Prize.
Drawing on the legacy of artists like Chuck Close and Gerhard Richter, Anthony uses photographs as a starting point. He typically takes his own photos but will also source from magazines or pop-culture, and some of his choices are very funny.

In his words: “I copy black and white photographs... The process of translation highlights the impossibility of the 'perfect' copy, which in turn foregrounds the medium… something is lost and something is gained through this transformation from photography to painting.”

He introduces complex spatial shifts into seemingly familiar subject matter, to make work that is conceptually complex but also paradoxically reminiscent of abstract expressionism. Because there is no obvious centre to the composition, our eye can get lost in the exploration of these ambiguous planes and folds, the dark caverns and sudden leaps to the horizon.

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