Anthony Springford

Anthony Springford’s art and life is shaped by a fascination with the history of visual culture, and of domestic, animal and bodily life. He is drawn to the texture and viscosity of old images and déclassé luxuries from the recycling bin of taste. His paintings are a bit like an uncool form of ‘remix culture’ - sampling and rehashing techniques, ideas and styles that culture-at-large has chosen to forget - while pitching to the horizon of immediacy and truth. As a result his work tends to go in a lot of different directions, makes reference to Modern and Baroque painting, and is intended to be gently funny.

Anthony has exhibited regularly at various commercial galleries since 2001, including Delmar Gallery, Taylor Galleries, Peter Pinson Gallery and Artsite Gallery. He is now the owner and director of Black Parrot, so he tends to show his work in the Black Parrot Art Room in Mittagong.

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