Five Months already…

It has been a tired-to-our-bones-busy five months since we took over running Art Room and made the Southern Highlands home. It has become home, though, and that sits so contentedly with us. As Anthony says - it would be so strange now to not see cows every day!

Another marker that has recently passed us by was two, overwhelming-at-times but gloriously happy, months since we picked up the little bozo with lion paws that we call Atlas! Our Instagram has been horribly neglected in that time as we have forgotten how to take photos of anything but the little dude. On the other hand, we have made LOTS of friends wherever we go, and have recently adopted the title of "Atlas's humans".

Art Room, as those of you who are local may have noticed, has undergone some changes. Anthony, his Mum and Dad, and I did a spot of renos involving paintbrushes, saws, drills and other serious hardware a few weeks ago. Since then there has been a very serious-looking plan, drawn up by Anthony and his Dad, in circulation, as well as a make-a -project-manager-blush-its-so-comprehensive work plan, which has led me to think that maybe the shop is in for just a few more 'tweaks'! 

The gallery was hung with Black Parrot art in time for the Southern Highlands Arts Festival (photo below of the results - with a cameo appearance of Atlas who, as you can see, isn't familiar with the idea of us taking photos of anything but him!). 

Framing work is coming in to Art Room at speed. Aaron has been generously working overtime to help get on top of things. Anthony finally feels like he has found his sea legs along with where most things are hidden in the shop! Hopefully this all bodes well for more studio time next year. 

Right now, I am counting down the DAYS until we have a break! We have nothing planned, and I am desperately trying to keep myself under control and keep this holiday as a whole lot of time off lazing around at home reading books and watching old movies. The shop will be closed from 23rd December until 3rd January. Its going to be so good to sleep in…. if only we can teach Atlas that concept in the next week!