In the past Black Parrot have distributed our own, high-quality, zinc etching plates to printmakers all over Australia. Unfortunately the price of Zinc has skyrocketed in recent years making it increasingly difficult to source quality Zinc plates for reasonable prices.

We are now virtually out of stock, and are looking for new suppliers of Zinc or Copper for printmaking. Until then, feel free to call or email to ask regarding our remaining stock. Unfortunately we have no more full 1000mm x 500mm sheets.



Size (mm)         Cost Each                      Weight                           Postage (in Aust) @ $18.00

125 x 200             $15.00                          0.21kg                            Up to 13 plates

150 x 200             $18.00                          0.25kg                            Up to 11 plates

200 x 250             $25.00                          0.42kg                            Up to 6 plates

250 x 300             $35.00                          0.60kg                            Up to 4 plates

500 x 1000           $180                             4.2kg                              POA